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80219-0014 - Kokkei Shimbun Postcard


Meiji 1900s Kuronbo Bokuchitei
Running Amok, also translated as Fallen Flower in Entanglement (落花狼藉, Rakkarozeki). Postcard printed by the Kokkei Shimbun in 1907 (Meiji 40). The satirical publication was founded in 1907 by Osaka-based journalist Miyatake Gaikotsu (宮武外骨, 1867-1955). It featured a supplement named Ehagaki Sekai (The World of Illustrated Postcards) containing 30 postcards.

Most cards were designed by anonymous artists, but this card was designed by Japanese illustrator Kuronbo Bokuchitei (墨池亭黒坊).

Under pressure from the authorities, Gaikotsu shut down the Kokkei Shimbun in 1909, ending it with a “Suicide Issue.” Gaikotsu’s real name was Kameshiro Miyatake (宮武龜四郎).
Kjeld Duits Collection
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