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130603-0014 - Iwakura Mission


Abroad Meiji 1870s James E. Taylor
Illustration by James E. Taylor (1839-1901) showing members of the Iwakura Mission (岩倉使節団, Iwakura Shisetsudan) at a banquet in Washington, USA in 1872 (Meiji 5). This Japanese diplomatic journey around the world between 1871 (Meiji 4) and 1873 (Meiji 6) was extremely important for the modernization of Japan.

Original caption: “Washington. Banquet given by hon. James Brooks, m. c, from New York, to the Japanese embassy.”

Originally published in Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper on Saturday March 23, 1872 (v. 34, no. 860). Wood engraving after a sketch by James E. Taylor.
Kjeld Duits Collection People
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