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70822-0021 - Ansei Edo Earthquake


Tokyo Bakumatsu 1850s
Edo Daijishin Shukka Basho (銘細改板江戸大地震出火場所附), a map displaying places where fire broke out in Tokyo after the Ansei Edo Earthquake of November 11, 1855 (Ansei 2). This devastating quake of 7.0M caused about 8,000 casualties and destroyed around 14,000 structures.

Some 1.5 square kilometers burned down, including Asakusa, Shin-Ohashi, Ehtai, Ueno, Kanda, Kyobashi, Ohtemachi, Marunouchi, and Hibiya.

The quake contributed to the collapse of the Bakufu, partly because it greatly lowered the prestige of the Tokugawa government, thereby making regime change easier to imagine.
Kjeld Duits Collection
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