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70215-0026 - Priests Praying


Kobe Taisho 1910s Unknown
Priests say prayers at Minatogawa Jinja, a Shinto shrine in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture. The shrine venerates the spirit of military commander Masashige Kusunoki (1294-1336), and is located around the location where the Battle of Minatogawa (1336) took place. During the Edo period he was made into a patriotic hero and called Nanko or Dai-Nanko, hence Minatogawa Shrine is also called Nanko Shrine.
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Hyogo, Kobe, Masashige Kusunoki, Minatogawa, Minatogawa Jinja, Nanko, beliefs, praying, priests, religions, shintoism, shrines
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