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140916-0083-PP - Wakanoura


Wakayama Meiji 1890s Unknown
Furokyo Stone Bridge (不老橋), Mt. Kagamiyama (鏡山) and Shiogami Jinja shrine (塩竈神社) in Wakanoura (和歌浦), Wakayama. The bridge was completed in 1851 (Kaei 4). The arch portion of the abutments are thought to have been constructed by masons from Higo Kumamoto, while the railing, featuring a relief pattern of clouds , is believed to be the work of Ishiya Chubei masons from Yuasa. Wakanoura is famous for its scenic beauty, and the tideland on the mouth of the Wakagawa River, the biggest tideland in the Kansai area.

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