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101012-0005 - Sakuradamon Incident


Tokyo Showa 1930s Unknown

History print showing the Sakurada-mon Incident (桜田門外の変, Sakuradamongai no hen).

On March 24, 1860 (Mannei 1) Japanese Chief Minister Ii Naosuke (井伊直弼, 1815-1860) was assassinated outside the Sakurada-mon gate of Edo Castle by ronin samurai of the Mito Domain who were against the opening of Japan.

From Yamato Zakura (國畫史帖大和桜), a jingoistic history textbook for elementary students with prints based on Ukiyo-e masterpieces from the late 19th century, published in 1935 (Showa 10).

Kjeld Duits Collection
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