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120417-0006 - British Legation


Tokyo Bakumatsu 1860s Unknown

The entrance gate to the British Legation (イギリス公使館) at Takanawa Tozenji Temple (高輪東禅寺) in Edo (current Tokyo). The British Legation, under the leadership of Sir Rutherford Alcock, moved in here in 1859. On May 28th, 1861 it was attacked by by anti-Western samurai of the Mito Han (Tozenji Incident). A year later it was attacked again. Soon after, all foreign legations in Edo were moved to Yokohama.

Engraving after a 1863 (Bunkyu 3) photo by Felice Beato, published in “Voyages and travels, or, Scenes in many lands” edited by Leo de Colange and published in 1887 (Meiji 20).

Kjeld Duits Collection
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