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160901-0045 - 5 Sen Note, 1944


Tokyo Showa 1940s Unknown

5 sen note obverse (五銭券表). For reverse, see 160901-0045.1.

Size: 48 × 100 mm.

Issued: November 1, 1944 (Showa 19)
Discontinued: March 2, 1946 (Showa 21)

Design: Statue in Tokyo of Kusunoki Masashige (楠木正成像, 1294–1336), a military commander who fought for Emperor Go-Daigo during the Genko War, the attempt to take rulership of Japan away from the Kamakura shogunate. During the Edo period, Kusunoki was made into a patriotic hero. From the 19th century on, nationalists used his story to portray an ideal of loyalty.

Kjeld Duits Collection
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