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130603-0018 - First Embassy to US


Abroad Bakumatsu 1860s Unknown
Illustration of the Japanese Embassy to the United States (万延元年遣米使節, Manen Gannen Kenbei Shisetsu) dispatched by the Tokugawa shogunate in 1860 (Manen 1) to ratify the new Treaty of Friendship, Commerce, and Navigation. It was Japan’s first diplomatic mission to the United States.

The Japanese embassy was lead by Ambassador Shinmi Masaoki (新見豊前守正興, 1822-1869), Vice-Ambassador Muragaki Norimasa (村垣淡路守範正, 1813-1880), and Observer Oguri Tadamasa (小栗豊後守忠順, 1827-1868).

Original caption: “The Japanese embassy reviewing the New York volunteer troops in Union Square, near the statue of Washington, on the day of their reception in New York, June 16th, 1860.”

Originally published in Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper on Saturday June 30, 1860 (v. 10, no. 240).
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