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80115-0012 - Motomachi


Yokohama Meiji 1880s Kimbei Kusakabe
View on Motomachi and Sengenzaka in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture as seen from Zotokuin Temple (増徳院). This is the area where the original inhabitants of Yokohama were resettled after their small fishing village had to make place for the foreign settlement. On top of Sengenzaka, the Tanabe Teahouse (田辺の茶屋) can be seen; it offered a great panoramic view on the city. The sign on the building in front advertises Kawasakiya, a tabi sock store run by Sadakichi Kawasakiya (足袋商の川崎屋貞吉).
Kjeld Duits Collection City Views
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