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101104-0001 - Hirobumi Ito - Signed


Studio Meiji 1880s Shinichi Suzuki
Autographed portrait photo of Japanese statesman Hirobumi Ito (伊藤博文, 1841–1909). Ito was the 1st, 5th, 7th and 10th Prime Minister of Japan, genro (元老) and Resident-General of Korea. He was assassinated by Korean nationalist An Jung-geun (안중근; 安重根, 1879–1910).

This portrait was photographed by the Shinichi Suzuki (鈴木真一) studio; the company had two offices, in Kudanzaka (九段坂), Tokyo and Masagocho (真砂町), Yokohama. It also had two photographers with the same name, so it is difficult to know which Shinichi Suzuki actually took this photo.
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