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70203-0001 - Tonbi Coat and Uniform


Studio Taisho 1910s Unknown
Two brothers. One wears a university uniform, the other an Inverness style tonbi coat (とんびコート). The tonbi coat, a perfect fusion of Japanese and Western styles, was first introduced around 1887 (Meiji 20), but reached its zenith of popularity during Taisho (1912-1926) and early Showa (1926-1989). Its great popularity is partly attributed to the fact that it could easily be worn with traditional Japanese clothing which featured large sleeves. The coat was especially popular with intellectuals. The inscription on the back of the photo reads: Ishibashi Kotaro, 21 years old, Ishibashi Hidenosuke, 20 years old, Taisho 1 (1912), Dec. Kyoto. The same brothers also appear in photo #70203-0006, when they are 10 and 11 years old.
Kjeld Duits Collection People
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