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Funeral of Commander Hirose


Tokyo Meiji 1900s Unknown
The funeral of Russo-Japanese war hero Takeo Hirose (広瀬武夫, 1868-1904).

Born in what is now Taketa (竹田市), Oita, Hirose graduated from the Imperial Japanese Naval Academy in Etajima (江田島海軍兵学校) in 1889 (Meiji 22). He saw action during the First Sino-Japanese War, before becoming the resident military attaché in St. Petersburg, Russia.

During the Battle of Port Arthur, (Russo-Japanese War), Hirose became the commander of a ship used to blockade the harbor. While searching for his missing subordinate he was fatally shot. Hirose was posthumously promoted to commander, and deified as a “military god” (軍神, gunshin). A Shinto shrine was built in Hirose’s honor in Taketa, Oita and a statue of him was erected outside Manseibashi Station in Tokyo.
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