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70206-0024 - Otenmon Gate


Kyoto Meiji 1900s Unknown
The Otenmon Gate at Heian Jingu (Heian Shrine), a Shinto shrine built in 1895 to celebrate the 1100th anniversary of the transfer of Japan’s capital to Kyoto. Heian Jingu was initially also known as Daikyokuden. Heian Jingu is a reproduction in two-thirds in scale of Daidairi, a part of the imperial palace that once stood in Heian-kyo in Emperor Kanmu’s time. Otenmon was originally called Otomomon, named after the official that governed it. Over the years, the name changed to Otenmon. The original Otenmon burned down in 866. It was rebuilt in 871, but was destroyed again in the Onin Rebellion of 1467. Kyoto citizens had to wait four centurires for a new Otenmon.
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