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120410-0001 - Yosuke Matsuoka


Outside Showa 1930s Unknown
Yosuke Matsuoka (松岡 洋右, 1880–1946) in 1933 (Showa 8). He was a diplomat and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Empire of Japan during the early years of World War II and in 1933 announced Japan’s withdrawal from the League of Nations (国際連盟), dramatically leading the Japanese delegation out of the hall. Matsuoka was also one of the architects of the Tripartite Pact (日独伊三国同盟) and the Japanese–Soviet Neutrality Pact (日ソ中立条約).

For unknown reasons, this photo was doctored when it was published in 1933. Notice how Matsuoka’s feet are behind those of the man next to him, but his body is in front.
Kjeld Duits Collection People
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