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120410-0003 - Hiroshi Saito


Outside Showa 1930s Unknown
Feb 9, 1934 press photo of Japanese ambassador to the USA Hiroshi Saito (斎藤博, 1886-1939) and his family.

Original text: “Hiroshi Saito, youngest ambassador ever sent to America by the Japanese government, shown on his arrival in New York with his family, Feb 9, aboard the liner Berengaria. he avowed that Japan had no wish to take over the Philippines and laughed over any and all suggestions of a possible second Russo-Japanese War. Ambassador Saito and Mrs. Saito are shown with their children, Saki-ko (sic), 7, and Masa-ko (sic), 4.

Hiroshi Saito was Japan’s ambassador to the U.S. from 1934 to 1939.
Kjeld Duits Collection People
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