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120418-0002 - Guido Verbeck


Studio Meiji 1880s Unknown

Dutch political advisor, educator, and missionary Guido Herman Fridolin Verbeck (1830-1898).

Born as Verbeek, Verbeck was one of the most important oyatoi gaikokujin (御雇い外国人, foreign advisors) during the early years of Emperor Meiji’s reign. He contributed to many major government decisions, and was extremely influential in arranging the Iwakura Mission (岩倉使節団, Iwakura Shisetsudan), the first Japanese diplomatic mission to the United States and Europe, of 1871 (Meiji 4) through 1873.

He lived in Japan from 1859 (Ansei 6) until his death.

Kjeld Duits Collection
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