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120820-0008 - Bernard-Thadée Petitjean


Studio Bakumatsu 1860s Other
Portrait of French priest Bernard-Thadée Petitjean (ベルナール・プティジャン, 1829-1884), In 1865 (Keio 1), he discovered that almost all the villagers of Urakami (浦上) in Nagasaki were Christians. These are now known as Kakure Kirishitan (隠れキリシタン, Hidden Christians).

Photographed at the Trinquart studio in Paris, France. On the back is the date March 28, 1868 (Keio 4).

More info at Hidden Christians in Nagasaki Come Out of Hiding.
Kjeld Duits Collection PeopleReligious
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