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130104-0001 - Shimabara-han Residence


Tokyo Bakumatsu 1860s Felice Beato
Daimyo Residence of Shimazu Awajinokami of the Hyuga (present-day Miyazaki Prefecture) Satohara Clan at present-day Tsunazaka, Mita 2-chome in Tokyo, ca 1863.

The building on the right is the residence of the Matsudaira family of the Bizen (present-day Okayama Prefecture) Shimabara Clan, while the building on the right going up the slope is the residence of the Matsudaira family of the Iyo (present-day Ehime Prefecture) Matsuyama Clan. The one on the left is the second residence of the Matsudaira family of Mutsu (present-day Aomori Prefecture).

Today, Keio University stands at the bottom of the slope and the Italian Embassy on top.
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