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160301-0022 - Shinbashi Bridge Ginza


Tokyo Meiji 1900s Unknown

Horse-drawn streetcars cross the Shinbashi (also Shimbashi) bridge in Tokyo. The photographer pointed his camera towards Ginza avenue.

The building with the clock tower is the Teikoku Hakuhin-kan Kankoba (帝国博品館勧工場, current Hakuhinkan). Established in October 1899 (Meiji 32), it was a prototype department store.

Tokyo’s horse-drawn streetcars started operations on June 25, 1882 (Meiji 15). On August 22, 1903 (Meiji 36), the streetcars were electrified. By the following year, horse-drawn streetcars disappeared from the streets.

This means that this photograph was taken some time between October 1899 and August 1903.

The iron bridge on this photograph was completed in April 1899 (Meiji 32).

Kjeld Duits Collection
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