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160302-0010 - Tea House at Korakuen


Tokyo Meiji 1890s Unknown

Tea House at Korakuen (後楽園), the garden of the former Mito Yashiki (旧水戸邸) in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.

The garden was begun by Tokugawa Yorifusa (徳川頼房, 1603–1661) in 1629, and completed by his son Tokugawa Mitsukuni (徳川光圀, 1628–1701). It incorporates both Chinese and Japanese elements.

It is one of three surviving daimyo (feudal lord) gardens in Tokyo.

From a series of glass slides published (but not photographed) by Scottish photographer George Washington Wilson (1823–1893). Wilson’s firm was one of the largest publishers of photographic prints in the world.

Kjeld Duits Collection
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