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160302-0034 - Mount Myogi


Gunma Meiji 1890s Unknown

A rare view of Japanese inns along the road to Myogi Shrine (妙義神社) in Tomioka (富岡市), Gunma Prefecture. In the background Mount Myogi (妙義山) can be seen. The area was near the Nakasendo, one of the two routes that connected Edo (modern-day Tokyo) to Kyoto.

Mt. Myogi is one of the Three Great Places of Rugged Beauty in Japan (日本三大奇勝, Nihon Sandai Kisho). The other two are Yabakei Gorge (耶馬溪) in Kyushu and Kankakei Gorge (寒霞渓) in Shikoku.

From a series of glass slides published (but not photographed) by Scottish photographer George Washington Wilson (1823–1893). Wilson’s firm was one of the largest publishers of photographic prints in the world.

Kjeld Duits Collection
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