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160306-0043 - Earthquake Reconstruction


Tokyo Showa 1930s Kobundo Nakamura Studio

The Shibaura Rinko Line Draw-Bridge (芝浦臨港線ハネアゲ橋) in Tokyo, ca. 1930 (Showa 5). Its official name was Furukawa Kadokyo (古川可動橋).

The bridge was completed in 1929 (Showa 4) and was also known as Shibaura Kaikyo (芝浦跳開橋). It was torn down around 1985 (Showa 60).

Shibaura played an important role after the disaster. It was one of the few places in Tokyo where large amounts of supplies could arrive and refugees could leave.

From the postcard series The 16 Bridges of Tokyo (東京大十六橋).

Following the Great Kanto Earthquake (Kanto Daishinsai) of September 1, 1923 (Taisho 12), Tokyo celebrated the official completion of its earthquake reconstruction in March 1930. As part of the project, hundreds of bridges were built or reconstructed.

This series appears to have been published to coincide with the celebration.

Kjeld Duits Collection
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