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160309-0006 - Patriotic Japanes Women


Nagoya Showa 1930s Unknown

A local chapter of the Women’s Society for National Defense (国防婦人会, Kokubo Fujinkai) in Takaokacho (高岳町), Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture in December 1938 ( Showa 13).

The Kokubo Fujinkai was a patriotic women’s association active between 1932 (Showa 7) and 1942 (Showa 17). The role of such organizations was to encourage patriotism and to define the ideal relation between women and the nation, generally by emphasizing home and motherhood.

Their activities included waving national flags at stations to send soldiers off to war, looking after the wounded or bereaved families, and other chores that aided the war effort. Their white aprons were effectively uniforms and made them easy to recognize.

Caption: 高岳町国防婦人会 其の1 高岳町2丁目少年少女団(昭和13年12月)

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