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160902-0010 - Great Kanto Flood


Tokyo Meiji 1910s Unknown

Honjo Kamezawa-cho (本所亀沢町通浸) in Tokyo during the flooding of August 1910 (Meiji 43). This disaster is now known as the Great Kanto Flood (関東大水害, Kanto Dai Suigai).

The flood, caused by a storm, submerged more than 201 square kilometers and over 170,000 dwellings and buildings. There were 1,349 dead or missing. It was Tokyo’s third worst flood disaster of the 20th century.

The disaster prompted an unprecedented response from the Japanese government. An extraordinary flood control investigation council was set up to discuss measures to prevent flood disasters and the following year Japan’s “First Flood Control Plan” was authorized.

Japanese text:(稀有の大洪水)明治43年8月15日 本所亀沢町通浸水の雑踏

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