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70124-0004 - Nogemachi-dori


Yokohama Meiji 1900s Unknown

Pedestrians and shops at Yokohama’s former main route of entry, Nogemachi-dori.

Noge was originally a tiny fishing village along the bay. As the Kanagawa Magistrate’s Office and a Japanese garrison were established nearby, the fishermen learned to trade and offer services.

In 1870 (Meiji 3), Iseyama Kotaijingu, a shinto shrine, and Noge Fudo, a buddhist temple, were built nearby and began attracting pilgrims who joined tradesmen on the increasingly busy road.

Only two years later, the rail-connection between Yokohama and Tokyo was opened. Yokohama Station was conveniently nearby, helping to create the thriving shopping street on this postcard.

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Kjeld Duits Collection
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