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161215-0036 - Atago-yama


Tokyo Meiji 1870s Baron Raimund von Stillfried

The sacred torii gate of Atago Shrine at Mt. Atago in Tokyo in the 1870s. A rickshaw can be seen on the right of the torii.

The steps behind the torii are the Otoko-zaka (Man Slope). The samurai Magaki Heikuro (曲木平九郎) is said to have ascended and descended these stairs on horseback in 1634.

The stairs on the right are the Onna-zaka (Woman Slope).

Mt. Atago is only 26 meters above sea-level, but it offered a famous panoramic view of Tokyo and was a favorite spot for watching the New Year’s sunrise, as well as moon and snow viewing.

Kjeld Duits Collection
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