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161216-0004 - Namamugi on the Tokaido


Tokaido Bakumatsu 1860s Felice Beato

Samurai at the village of Namamugi near Yokohama in Kanagawa Prefecture, ca 1862 (Bunkyu 2).

This famous historical photograph was shot by Italian–British photographer Felice Beato (1832–1909).

In the Namamugi Incident (生麦事件, Namamugi-jiken) of August 1862, retainers of the Satsuma daimyo Shimazu Hisamitsu (島津 久光, 1817–1887), killed British trader Charles Lennox Richardson (1834–1862) while he was riding on the Tokaido between Yokohama and Kawasaki.

The Incident caused an international political crisis that eventually resulted in the bombardment of Kagoshima by a British Royal Navy squadron in 1863 (Bunkyo 3). This is known in Japan as the Anglo-Satsuma War (薩英戦争, Satsu-Ei Senso).

Kjeld Duits Collection
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