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190103-0033-PP - Kurodani Graveyard


Kyoto Meiji 1870s Kuichi Uchida

Graves at Konkai-Komyoji Temple (金戒光明寺), also known as the Kurodani Temple (黒谷寺), in Kyoto. On the right, a man poses next to a statue of Amida Buddha.

Founded in 1175 (Joan 5), Konkai-Komyoji is one of the eight head temples of the Jodo sect of Buddhism.

The main hall (御影堂) was destroyed and restored several times. The current one was constructed in 1942 (Showa 17).

The two-story irimoya style Sanmon entrance gate (山門), visible in this photo, was built in 1860 (Manen 1).

Aizu and Kuwana men who died at the 1868 (Keio 4) Battle of Toba–Fushimi between pro-Imperial and Tokugawa shogunate forces were laid to rest here.

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